With the continued hitting of All Time Highs this week it would be easy to succumb to FOMO and get discouraged. "I should have bought more!", "I wish I hadn't bought that 10,000 BTC pizza", etc. Now imagine the FOMO you'd have if you were one of the most prominent members of the community going back years, who taught thousands of people about bitcoin whether it was through your free book or your countless talks, and imagine being shamed on twitter after coming out publicly that you didn't hold much bitcoin because of financial hardship and selflessness.

That's exactly what happened last week to Andreas Antonopoulos, and the reaction by the community has been swift and generous, raising over 100 BTC to give back to Andreas, and to ensure he can continue writing and giving talks for years to come, like this great answer to the question of bitcoin energy use, which perfectly represents the value, and clarity, he brings to all of us. If you don't already, consider joining me and becoming a backer of his on Patreon.